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Paula Bennett​ has named her 2 advisors

Nicole McKee from COLFO and Geoff Thomas from the predominantly fishing TV program “Outdoors With Geoff”. FOUNZ endorses Nicole as a wise choice. I've invited Geoff Thomas and Nicole McKee to provide independent advice on the twenty recommendations proposed by the… Posted by Paula Bennett

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COLFO​ have posted a response to Stuart Nash​’s video

We endorse COLFO’s post but would also suggest the vast majority of licenced firearm owners want the report scrapped and see police use the existing legislative tools to prevent guns getting into criminal hands. The last thing gun owners want in Stuart Nash’s point 2

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Fish and Game and Federated Farmers have both come out to condemn the select committee’s recommendations and the lies of Cahill of the police association. Do you know a farmer or bird hunter who doesn’t follow us? Please share this or tag them or even email a link to them so they can see that their organisations are against proposals they probably don’t even know are on

Thank you Chris Cahill for your own goal this morning.

That display of lies only helps galvanise the licenced firearm owner community. In response, this media release was issued by Richard Prosser MP – New Zealand First List MP​ Spokesperson for Outdoor Recreation POLICE SECRETARY OUT OF LINE OVER HUNTING RIFLE COMMENTS Police Association president