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Alastair Scott’s proposed Arms Act amendment

URGENT CALL TO ACTION Own a shotgun shortened for pig hunting? Or a “bush pig” bolt action for bush hunting? Want to keep it? Read this. National Party MP Alastair Scott MP has teamed up with police to introduce an amendment to the arms act,

A set back for LAFAO this election

The reason and perhaps the person Licenced Firearm Owners need in parliament Richard Prosser MP – New Zealand First List MP has been knocked so far down the party list its looking unlikely he will be in government. This is a major blow for firearm

Ron Mark and Richard Prosser have a message for us

Ron Mark – NZ First MP and Richard Prosser MP – New Zealand First List MP, possibly the only two MP’s who can proudly hold up a firearms licence, have released a new un-processed, raw video on their thoughts. NZ First slam Police HQ’s Arms

Acheiving the impossible???

Let’s have a quick recap. One month ago the Law & Order Select Committee report was published. The report was written by a team of politicians from National, Labour, Green and NZ First. Although NZ First objected to the findings, the report enjoyed the support

Will Heads Roll?

We are getting close to a decision from Paula Bennett​ on the report into how criminals get guns. The rumours we are hearing is that the vast majority of the recommendations are going to be droppped, if not the entire report. By disowning this report,

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“Hello my name is Nicole Mckee and I like guns” :)

This is a great intro to Nicole’s video explaining who she is and her thoughts on the selection for the role as advisor to Paula Bennett. This is well worth a listen. Thank you COLFO​ for making this available. FOUNZ Members, its time to get