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5 Minutes with the Deputy Prime Minister

Yesterday FOUNZ Editor #1 managed to get 5 minutes with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Police, Paula Bennett. With the limited time available I asked two very relevant questions. 1) Will any of the rejected Select Committee recommendations into how criminals obtain firearms make their

Police can’t seem to make up their mind

7 weeks ago we were told that the policy regarding the import of AR15’s as MSSA’s has not changed despite what had been circulated in Social Media. However today we find out that the policy HAS changed and dealers can now only import AR15 receivers

Police vs Lincoln. A very interesting case.

Police vs Lincoln. A very interesting case. This is a case fraught with police incompetency. A few points stand out in this case. The police armorer, Ngamoki, attempting to make an A Category firearm E Cat and destroying the gun in the process, and some

Police Association policy released

Today the NZPA released their election year policy document which predictably contains more of the same nonsense on firearms from Cahill. Funnily enough the section on firearms begins with multiple references to gangs and organised crime but then goes on to recommend multiple ways to

Stuart Nash has done some of his own research after his Napier meeting

Stuart Nash MP, as promised to licenced firearm owners at the Napier meeting has been asking questions about Police HQs ability to manage the Act Stuart Nash provided FOUNZ this internal police document obtained under the OIA, titled ‘Police Key Messaging’ dated 5th Dec 2016.

The Arms Office Is Being Restructured!

This email below has been issued to FCAF members from Mike Clement Deputy Commissioner. It is also rumored that a head may have “rolled” already. Paula Bennett, regardless of a restructure, you still have an Arms Office that is woefully inadequate. We will not allow

Police Association Astounded At Government Rejection of Firearms Controls

POLICE ASSOCIATION MEDIA RELEASE Police Association Astounded At Government Rejection of Firearms Controls “The New Zealand Police Association says the Minister of Police has today ignored the risk of increased firearms threats to the public, and made the jobs of front line officers more difficult

Ministers response to the select committee report

Police Minister Paula Bennett has today responded to the Law and Order Select Committee report on issues relating to the illegal possession of firearms. “The committee made 20 recommendations. After careful consideration I’ve accepted seven, rejected 12, and recommended one proceed with changes,” Mrs Bennett