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Further on police effectively banning AR15’s

Yesterday the licensed firearm community became aware of a new policy implemented by Police HQ. This policy effectively only allows the import of AR15’s as MSSA’s. All AR15 parts for import are considered MSSA parts. Many of you are now experiencing confiscation of the parts

Police effectively ban A category AR-15’s

We have received reports from firearm dealers that police have decided, once again that they have the power to reclassify firearms. In what appears to be an attempt to effectively curtail the import of A category AR15 firearms and parts, Police have classified all AR15’s

Gun imports – Keeping it real

Gun imports – Keeping it Real The gun control debate looks to be back in the news cycle, with the revelation that police may not be accurately recording incidents of gun crime. One of the talking points that the police association roll out continuously, is

The Arms (Firearms Prohibition Orders) Amendment Bill

The Arms (Firearms Prohibition Orders) Amendment Bill is now up for consideration by Parliament. FIREARMS PROHIBITION ORDERS Here’s what you need to know: An FPO will prevent the individual from: – Having a FAL – Using guns at all, even under supervision – Having guns,


THE FOUNZ, SUPER SIMPLE, POLICE SECURITY POLICY SUBMISSION. How simple? All you need to do is click the link below: This link will open your email client with a formatted policy submission template. You only need to click send and its done. We would

Latest police abuse of the arms act

LATEST POLICE ABUSE OF THE ARMS ACT. A hidden internal police policy requiring serial numbers for A Category AR15’s on mail order forms was recently stamped out by Police HQ… or was it? NZAR15 is still subject to this abuse of the Arms Act by

NZHUNTER Group LTD VS Commissioner of Police filed

The matter between FOUNZ Editor (NZHunter Group Ltd) and Commissioner of Police was today filed in court. We’ll keep you all abreast of developments as the case unfolds. The Notice of Originating Application of Appeal Pursuant to S62 and S65 of the Arms Act 1983

FOUNZ editor is challenging police policy in court

FOUNZ EDITOR IS CHALLENGING POLICE POLICY IN COURT. For many months now FOUNZ have been raising the issue on the change of length policy for MSSA’s. Police HQ under previous leadership had a ‘more’ legally sound interpretation that was altered last year making many of