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A set back for LAFAO this election

The reason and perhaps the person Licenced Firearm Owners need in parliament Richard Prosser MP – New Zealand First List MP has been knocked so far down the party list its looking unlikely he will be in government. This is a major blow for firearm

Trademe alternative for firearms?

With rumored concerning changes to the way firearms are to be sold on Trademe, it is very timely that an alternative pops up in the last 24 hours. Previous attempts at taking a share of the NZ gun classifieds have been hit and miss. Perhaps

Police vs Lincoln. A very interesting case.

Police vs Lincoln. A very interesting case. This is a case fraught with police incompetency. A few points stand out in this case. The police armorer, Ngamoki, attempting to make an A Category firearm E Cat and destroying the gun in the process, and some

Several MPs raised the “issue” of guns in schools

From Stuff: “Several MPs raised the issue of guns in schools with Kaye after a Stuff story in April revealed the army allowed 9 to 13-year-olds to get their hands on unloaded guns and learn how to assemble and fire an assault rifle.” Those MPs

The FOUNZ team would like to congratulate YOU!.

Over the last few days you have all had a big win. You caught police hq attempting to mislead the public and you managed to persuade a Minister to do something about it. In the last 3 days FOUNZ had an organic, unpaid, post reach

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Be safe out there, have fun

Please spend a few minutes watching this opening weekend safety video. Talk to you all tomorrow about your successes or otherwise.