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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Alastair Scott’s proposed Arms Act amendment

URGENT CALL TO ACTION Own a shotgun shortened for pig hunting? Or a “bush pig” bolt action for bush hunting? Want to keep it? Read this. National Party MP Alastair Scott MP has teamed up with police to introduce an amendment to the arms act,

Further on police effectively banning AR15’s

Yesterday the licensed firearm community became aware of a new policy implemented by Police HQ. This policy effectively only allows the import of AR15’s as MSSA’s. All AR15 parts for import are considered MSSA parts. Many of you are now experiencing confiscation of the parts

Police effectively ban A category AR-15’s

We have received reports from firearm dealers that police have decided, once again that they have the power to reclassify firearms. In what appears to be an attempt to effectively curtail the import of A category AR15 firearms and parts, Police have classified all AR15’s