The Police association is once again in the media with their usual bag of lies and tricks

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You know it’s a slow news week when Chris Cahill makes one of his now-familiar muddled, confused press releases.

So yet again let’s put the record straight.

1. If Cahill wants to know why people own Endorsed firearms, he could simply ask his own staff. Anyone who owns one has already answered this question in writing and the answer has been accepted by Police. That’s what “Endorsed” means Chris. There’s a clue in the name.

2. The same goes for Cahill’s feigned surprise over the reasons for importing firearms. Police already ask those questions. If we were Arms Officers we would be getting pretty sick of our union boss suggesting that we aren’t doing our job properly. Implying that the people you represent are incompetent to push a political agenda is kind of a dick move.

3. Just in case anyone was misled by the bad editing (giving serious benefit of the doubt here), MSSAs, pistols and Restricted Weapons are already registered. They have been for many years.

4. Using stolen firearms as an argument for registration is redundant. It is already a criminal offence to fail to report a firearm as stolen.

5. Interesting that Cahill presents the incident of the taxi driver being shot as part of his call for registration. The victim was shot with a pistol. Pistols are already required to be registered. Good thing the bad guy registered his gun…oh wait…

6. Presenting an example of that time you issued a license to a gang associate who then used it to buy guns is a great example of why Police shouldn’t issue licenses to gang associates! Fortunately this is one of the recommendations that the previous Minister did accept…because it actually makes sense and doesn’t cost millions of dollars.

5. As always Cahill is quick to claim that universal registration is necessary to know who (legally) owns what, but he offers no explanation as to why that matters and how it will keep guns out of criminal hands. Nor does he ever mention the real cost of ongoing monitoring and inspections required to get any actual value from a registry. The cost/benefit does not add up…so why is he REALLY pushing it?

Why Police Association members continue to allow this man to damage the reputation of NZ Police and destroy the mutual respect between us is incomprehensible.

Seriously Chris, you need some new material.