Latest police abuse of the arms act

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A hidden internal police policy requiring serial numbers for A Category AR15’s on mail order forms was recently stamped out by Police HQ… or was it?

NZAR15 is still subject to this abuse of the Arms Act by the Tasman arm’s office. Strangely all other Arms Offices now comply with the Act.

Over the last couple of weeks a Tasman firearms licencing officer has refused to provide a customer with a mail order form. NZAR15 called on the services of Nicholas Taylor to educate the officer about the requirements of Section 43A of the Arms Act.

The officer still refuses to comply with the Arms Act and instead has now abused Section 12(2)B to force a dealer to provide a serial number for the purpose of a Mail order form.

Section 12 is the Record of dealings by licensed dealers – 2B – Every licensed dealer shall at all times – afford, on demand, to any member of the Police all further information in his possession with respect to any dealings by him relating to firearms, airguns, pistols, or restricted weapons.

This is a clear abuse of the Arms Act and the intended use of Section 12. A serial number hadnt been assigned to the customer as its not required under Section 43A.

NZAR15 is now making the arms officer the subject of a complaint to the IPCA and the Ombudsman office.
Licenced firearm owners hope that this is the sort of Police abuse that Stuart Nash MP can finally resolve.

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  1. paul clarke says:

    hope he loses his job on this one !

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