FOUNZ editor is challenging police policy in court

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For many months now FOUNZ have been raising the issue on the change of length policy for MSSA’s. Police HQ under previous leadership had a ‘more’ legally sound interpretation that was altered last year making many of you criminals overnight.

Back in December FOUNZ paid barrister Nicholas Taylor for a legal interpretation of length and how it should apply to firearms hoping to provide guidance to those that were affected.

Prior to this new Ultra Vires policy, FOUNZ editor Ken Rountree was approved to import an E Cat CZ Scorpion with the condition that it was subject to a type approval at the armory. However by the time the rifle had arrived, the new policy was in effect. The gun was seized at type approval and Police refused to hand it back.

In the next few days Nicholas Taylor is filing a challenge to this policy in court. The case is named New Zealand Hunter Group limited v The Commissioner of Police 2017 ADC.

NZ Hunter Group Director, FOUNZ editor and owner of NZAR15, Ken Rountree, has been working with Nicholas Taylor to get this case to court. This case is supported by the New Zealand Licensed Firearms Dealers Trust whose small fund is largely made up of donations from dealers and individuals.

This case will also be used for judicial review / declaratory judgements. This, if favorable, will give licenced firearm owners a declaration on how length is measured ending the current police HQ nonsense.

Donations to the New Zealand Licensed Firearms Dealers Trust is currently proving to be the most effective manor in which to spend your money protecting firearm owner’s rights.

To donate please deposit into the Trust bank account number: 06 0193 0122740 04 Using reference: 16110001 – NZLFD