A set back for LAFAO this election

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The reason and perhaps the person Licenced Firearm Owners need in parliament Richard Prosser MP – New Zealand First List MP has been knocked so far down the party list its looking unlikely he will be in government.
This is a major blow for firearm owners rights. Ron Mark – NZ First MP is the only other true supporter for gun owners.

How does this affect who we vote for?

Has NZ First dumped us along with Richards position on the list?

What happened to the updated firearms policy that went to the NZF caucus tuesday a week ago? Has it been dumped along with Richard Prosser?

This is without a doubt the most concerning news for 250,000 licenced firearm owners yet.

Ron Mark – time to step up and let us all know whether you still value our vote!


One thought on “A set back for LAFAO this election”

  1. Nick preece says:

    Defacto gun confiscation – theft of gun licence by the state using the secret family courts of NZ.

    Recently my mother suffered a stroke and the parasites immediately circled looking to get control of mum and her property.

    I filed complaints with the NZ Police as to the the crime of elder abuse of my mother….by my sister who just happens to work for IRD. Elder abuse and committing serious breaches of her code of ethics as she threatened family members and isolated good people from my mum. Driven by greed and selfishness.

    This week my sister has made applications for protection orders against me in the family court….for what I have no idea….but guess what ….my firearms will have to be surrendered immediately. I’ve had 14 years in the NZ secret family courts trying to seek protection of my child from the harm caused by the mother….not once did they protect the child. These courts do NOT rely on the laws of evidence, rather any lie can be told and based on the balance of probabilities a decision will be made. My direct experience is no father, no son, no man ever gets a fair hearing!!!! Here we have another defacto gun control tool for the state to use against good law abiding citizens.

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