5 Minutes with the Deputy Prime Minister

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Yesterday FOUNZ Editor #1 managed to get 5 minutes with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Police, Paula Bennett.

With the limited time available I asked two very relevant questions.

1) Will any of the rejected Select Committee recommendations into how criminals obtain firearms make their way into a future proposed Arms Act Amendment?

Paula’s response was a categorical NO and we can quote her on that. So there it is, a very welcome statement on Nationals position regarding the future of this report after the election.

2) The second question we asked was her position on the new police policy to make dealer import of AR15 receivers MSSA parts. Paula responded that Police had very compelling reasons and that we are welcome to provide our own reasons why the police shouldn’t be allowed to implement this policy.

So here is your opportunity to provide compelling reasons why the police should not be allowed to modify the Arms Act at will.

Also worth pointing out, select committee report recommendation 6 where Police get the opportunity to create a new category of semi automatic rifles – in our first question the minister stated this option will not happen via an amendment yet in the second question she admits police have compelling reasons allowing them to reclassify a non MSSA part as MSSA.

Perhaps Paula is indicating that the police need to be taken to court to resolve this? It would be almost unimaginable that police could win this case and that the affected dealers would drain the police legal fund of significant dollars in lost income.

FOUNZ would like to thank Paula for her time yesterday.