Police can’t seem to make up their mind

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7 weeks ago we were told that the policy regarding the import of AR15’s as MSSA’s has not changed despite what had been circulated in Social Media.

However today we find out that the policy HAS changed and dealers can now only import AR15 receivers as MSSA parts.

Police now consider receivers to be integral part of MSSA Firearms so they are therefore MSSA parts. An import permit must satisfy the commissioner of police that there are special reasons that large quantities of these MSSA parts are allowed into the country.

Police may consider a business proposal to bring these MSSA parts into the country to manufacture a corresponding number of A Category firearms as long as the importer is agreeable to specific conditions on the import permit allowing transparency and audibility.

Police reasoning is stated as reflecting the requirement on Police to achieve both the safe use and control of firearms.

What will be added to this policy next? Complete rifles, shotguns, rimfires?

The new policy can be viewed here:

The police media release stating that there was no policy change can be viewed here:


One thought on “Police can’t seem to make up their mind”

  1. Mr plac says:

    So, again they are pulling new rules out of thin air. Making stuff up as they go along. I mean there is simply no logic to their train of thought. If an ar15 comes in as an A cat, how can a part be an E cat.

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