Yesterday police emailed members of FCAF stating their position on recent events

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Yesterday police emailed members of the Firearm Community Advisory Forum (FCAF) stating their position on recent events.


Dear FCAF members,
You may have seen some social media commentary made over the weekend by FOUNZ members relating to the classification of MSSAs.
However, I can advise that this commentary is incorrect – Police has not changed its policy or approach regarding the classification of MSSAs.

In response, we will be providing the information below to the firearms community on our website and through other appropriate channels.

We would be grateful if you could please circulate this to your members.

Thank you

Mike Rusbatch


Since then, it has come to our attention that more dealers have had issues with the police arms office attempting to reclassify the import of A Category firearms. Those dealer’s counsel have advised us there WAS a meeting last week with police regarding their change of policy / approach on this issue.

Yesterdays press release makes it very clear to police arms office staff, and us, that there will be no reclassification of A category sporting rifles. In future we urge any dealer who feels they are being forced to operate in a manner that is outside the bounds of the Act to get in touch with either FOUNZ or COLFO.

We would like to thank all of you for forcing this issue into public discussion. With this press release, those dealers affected can now feel confident that Police will now act in accordance with the law.

The press release can be read here. (we do take issue with police referring to sporting firearms as weapons though)…/firearms-and-s…/news-and-updates