Several MPs raised the “issue” of guns in schools

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From Stuff:

“Several MPs raised the issue of guns in schools with Kaye after a Stuff story in April revealed the army allowed 9 to 13-year-olds to get their hands on unloaded guns and learn how to assemble and fire an assault rifle.”

Those MPs include Labour’s Chris Hipkins MP​ and the Green Parties Catherine Delahunty MP​.
“Green Party education spokeswoman Catherine Delahunty, who raised the issue with Kaye at select committee on Wednesday, said un
der no circumstances should guns have ever been in a primary school.”

“Clearly it’s not safe for primary school children to have an assault rifle in their hands and the other thing is, what is the educational value in teaching primary school children how to use assault rifles?”

“I suspect it’s about propaganda to persuade children the Defence Force is really cool and guns are really cool. Guns are not cool and they have no place in schools,” she said.
FOUNZ would like to point out that many school leavers go on to learn valuable trades in the defence forces. Many of them will also serve in less fortunate countries helping institute infrastructure that improves the lives of those that live there. Kids who are introduced to firearms will also develop a more healthy attitude towards guns and safety too. This attitude from the Green party is not surprising though.