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Today the NZPA released their election year policy document which predictably contains more of the same nonsense on firearms from Cahill. Funnily enough the section on firearms begins with multiple references to gangs and organised crime but then goes on to recommend multiple ways to target legitimate firearm ownership with no explanation as to how that will affect gangs. Of course these are the same recommendations that have just been rejected by the Minister. NZPA are not giving up though. This is why we need every political party on our side.

Incredibly, this whole part of the document follows the section on gangs and organised crime which does not once mention firearms but contains many suggestions as to how to effectively weaken gangs through appropriately resourcing Police to actually, you know, target criminals.

Concerningly Cahill is continuing to use the new term he has invented: “Non-sports handguns”. We are wondering exactly what he thinks that means…
He might mean pistols that are held on C Endorsements, however these are subject to the same ownership/storage conditions as any other C Cat firearm, including machine guns and other Restricted Weapons (which presumably he doesn’t like either). He didn’t even mention Restricted Weapons so we think it is unlikely that he means pistols owned by collectors.

He must therefore mean certain pistols owned by B Endorsed shooters. We would like to point out that there IS NO SUCH THING as a “non-sports handgun” held on a B Endorsement. Target shooting is the ONLY reason that you can own and shoot a pistol on B Endorsement so every B Category firearm in NZ is a “sports handgun” by definition. This seems to be another example of Cahill trying to invent new terms to con the unsuspecting public and politicians into supporting his agenda, whatever that may be.

Finally, we take issue with Cahill’s suggestion that the committee should have asked “why NZers need MSSAs and non-sports use handguns (whatever they are)”.

The committee does not need to ask this question because Police already ask EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL who applies for a B, C or E Endorsement this exact question. They are obviously satisfied with the answers they get otherwise they would not be issuing the endorsements. Again Cahill displays complete ignorance of the law and even Police’s own policies and vetting procedures.

Of course Cahill might just be concerned that gang members have infiltrated Police and are issuing endorsements to people who should not have them. After all, according to him it is “inevitable” that Police will be corrupted by criminal infiltration…

NZPA Towards a Safer New Zealand 2017

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