Police are now reclassifying all imported AR15’s as MSSA’s

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Police have once again overreached their authority. As of today, dealers now need to apply for an E cat import permit to bring in A Category AR15’s.

This effectively allows police to apply the special reason requirement to all AR imports. If police dont think you have a need for an A cat AR15 then they will decline your application.

Police are attemting to declare guns which are not, by definition MSSA’s, as MSSA’s.

We suspect this is a precursor to declaring all AR15’s as MSSA’s utilising Polices power to create their own laws with an Order In Council.

Paula Bennett once again the police are running amok under your watch, inventing law through groundless policy. We recently saw this with the Arms Code 2017. Now you are allowing police to redefine a type of gun.

Stuart Nash MP you have talked to FOUNZ about removing police’s ability to make law at will with an Order in Council. We suggest they may not be far off, again attempting to subvert the parliamentary law making process. It might be time for opposition parties to stand up to the police state we are descending into.

Ron Mark – NZ First MP, Richard Prosser MP – New Zealand First List MP, as per your policy, we need to remove police from administering the Arms Act. They are incompetent. They are now a law unto themselves.


4 thoughts on “Police are now reclassifying all imported AR15’s as MSSA’s”

  1. nick preece says:

    This will intensify until all law abiding citizens are disarmed. WHY you must ask. WHY is this so?

    Several years ago my family and I laid complaints against this government in relation to direct abuses of power – direct breaches of rights to due process, breach of contracted resolution, unreasonable search and seizure of private property from our home ( which later had to be returned ), invasions of privacy and a refusal to protect a child from harm. The most Basic Human rights as supposedly protected by the NZ Bill of Rights.

    After making this complaint our home was then surveilled by Ministry of Social Development vehicles, there were attempts to entrap me on firearms charges using a known police informant and agent provocateur = who sold me large capacity magazines for my firearms, knowing I had – A Cat semi Auto firearms which he had also sold me – ( I had no E Cat licence at the time but now have one ) as a Dealer and Police informant to then PNHQ Joe Green – by refusing to tell me this was illegal – had I been caught with the two together – I would have been arrested for a Section 50 Arms act offence. 3 years Jail – Entrapment by Estoppel.

    When I noticed the police helicopter circling our home, and the community cop turning up for no good reason, and surveillance tacking my every move, I sensed a raid was imminent so I placed my A Cat firearms in the care of my lawyers. Sure enough subsequent enquiries revealed I was being set up.

    IN an attempt to further character assassinate me – I was then falsely labelled as a terrorist, isis supporter, racist, mental case not fit to own my guns, by the same informant – and I was then subjected to interview by Manukau Police, and asked to undergo a psychological assessment. Which I passed with flying colours.

    Luckily for me I had evidence which destroyed the credibility of the police informant and agent provocateur, so the complaint against me not being fit and proper simply disappeared.

    It is clear now – had I been arrested as was planned – with my collection of LEGAL A Cat firearms, and the large mags as sold by the Police informant – I would have been paraded around publicly as a TERRORIST with ” Illegal” guns and used as an excuse to ban all firearms and large magazines.

    The only thing that saved me was I used to be in the police – when we were good and liked by the public – when we protected life and property = and I used to work surveillance and I used to run informants, so I saw it coming = had I not been trained – and had they done this to a normal law abiding citizen – they would have got me or any one of YOU.

    I publish this here to let everyone know the the dirty tactics being deployed against law abiding citizens.

    I told the kiwigunblog about this – but you will note they WILL NOT publish this story. WHY?


    Nick and Emma Preece.

    Law abiding Citizens, with no criminal convictions, no history of violence or protest action, no drug use, no anything to warrant this invasion of our home by the state and its agents. A total abuse of power – Misusing the resources of police and intelligence agencies – NOT in the protection of National Security – but in an attempt to destroy a law abiding citizen so as to push a political agenda.

    Lastly the WHY?

    The informant who tried to entrap me on behalf of the NZ Govt – placed his son through a Geology Degree in preparation for the Mining of NZ’s resources.

    He had the Means, the Motive and Opportunity to help entrap me – When the Resources of this nations are MINED – the Corporations DO NOT WANT LAW ABIDING – RIGHTS DEMANDING CITIZENS – to have FIREARMS.

    That is WHY you are all being TARGETED.

    my ONLY Crime – standing up for the most basic of Human rights.

  2. Agent M says:

    I’m not really sure why FOUNZ would even publish this drivel? The anti-gun fraternity along with the media pushes a narrative that gun owners are paranoid, anti-government, crazed nutters – and then you give Nick Preece’s rantings the light of day. The reason Kiwi Gun Blog never published this is because he is crazy – but for conspiracy theory’s sake lets take a step back from Nicks, MSD, Police, World government, Retail Store owner and his son, miming conglomerates rave (bearing in mind these are all delusions in his head – he can’t name any individuals – so cannot substantiate himself) and consider this. Perhaps the Police let people like Nick keep his license so when he goes ‘postal’ (he will say it was MK Ultra program that made him do it), then they can use that as a basis to remove restricted if not all firearms ownership from law abiding, fit and proper SANE people. Come on FOUNZ I thought you were better than this, don’t let loonies like Nick hijack your forum in a way that could turn around and bite our whole firearms community. People like Nick should be reported.

    1. founz says:

      Hardly published. We approve all comments that are not excessively abusive or spam, simple as that. If you have a problem with Mr. Preece you should take that up with him.

  3. Mac says:

    I’m afraid I must agree Agent M.
    The cause of firearm ownership in NZ can be easily undermined if our community is seen to tolerate unsubstantiated, feral rants from individuals clearly struggling to separate reality from fantasy.

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