More A category semi auto’s that are now required by police to be imported as E category.

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It looks like another A Cat Semi Auto has been added to the E Cat import list.

A dealer has been in touch with us about the new police policy that we highlighted in Saturdays post. This time the dealer was told he cant bring in A Cat, AK type firearms.

His AO informed him “Dealers can not stock a semi-auto that has potential to be converted to E”

This policy could be applied to all semi autos! Ruger 10/22’s, Berretta shotguns, you name it.

Are the police reclassifying all semi autos Paula Bennett? Just to remind you, the gun owning public slammed Chris Cahill over his attitude towards sportspeople who owned semi autos. Yet here we are with the police going ahead with a disruptive policy to prevent legitimate A cat sporting firearms into the country.

FOUNZ is unaware of any facility in the legislation that allows police to reclassify semi autos as E Cat except to go through the Order in Council process.