Stuart Nash has done some of his own research after his Napier meeting

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Stuart Nash MP, as promised to licenced firearm owners at the Napier meeting has been asking questions about Police HQs ability to manage the Act

Stuart Nash provided FOUNZ this internal police document obtained under the OIA, titled ‘Police Key Messaging’ dated 5th Dec 2016. It had the following distribution list:

Minister of Police (around the time of the change in Minister)
Executive leadership board
Senior leadership team
District commanders
National managers.

We can only guess that the current Minister was aware of this document when she assumed her role back in December.

It contains some very interesting quotes:

” The business processes in place between Police/Customs/MFAT are obsolete and do not allow the agencies to coordinate or cooperate together, leaving gaps that leads to ineffective and inconsistent decision making. ”


” The level of expertise and knowledge in the Arms Act has decreased to an unacceptable level due to a lack of training. Inconsistent decisions are being conveyed to firearms licence holders and new applicants giving rise to fustrations. ”

What this document identifies, is the Police Arms Office has been in disarray for quite sometime. And that there are some real issues that only a restructure and a rolling of heads will fix.

Paula Bennett we will remain vigilant of all Arms Office issues and will continue to make the public aware of them. We are hopeful that the message from Mike Rusbatch to his staff 2 days ago ensures no more issues while your restructure is implemented.