Will Heads Roll?

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We are getting close to a decision from Paula Bennett​ on the report into how criminals get guns. The rumours we are hearing is that the vast majority of the recommendations are going to be droppped, if not the entire report.

By disowning this report, as we expect to see, Paula Bennett is in essence admitting that the report writers were mislead by Police.

Paula Bennett, you now have to pursue those that have lied to and mislead the committee.

Heads must roll.

In arms management itself, the dishonesty through the implementation of ultra vires policies since Joe Green​s departure has also been self perpetuating with zero control or management from the minister. Police have tested the waters and incrementally gotten away with these ultra vires policies.

As a community we should expect nothing less than a severe reprimand to those in police who mislead, lied and created these policies. Licenced gun owners deserve an apology. Licenced gun owners deserve a new arms management team that can relate to those that they serve. Someone in the Joe Green mold would be ideal.

From yesterdays COLFO post, we quote Joe Green referring to the Police association editorial:

“The people who put together the 1983 Arms act did consider this. They decided that of you were fit and proper, then there is no issue. That’s the first part of the Act. The second part deals with endorsements to possess certain firearms. The third part addresses those who dick around with firearms. It’s a simple piece of legislation that works.”

Paula Bennett – what we have works. You now need to be seen to repair what police have broken – our trust.

Heads must roll.