How fast can Police backpedal? Not fast enough apparently.

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Since it was revealed that Police are trying to implement Ultra Vires policy via the “new” Arms Code, they have withdrawn it and issued the letter below to members of the Firearm Community Advisory Forum and a public media release. In this letter they claim that an early version has been placed on the Police website, hinting accidental publication. So we visited our local police station to confirm it was a website accident only to find that it is in full production as a hard-copy available at the counter.
Dear members of FCAF,
You will all be aware that Police’s Response and Operations Group has been reviewing the Arms Code – last published in 2013. Some of you may have been consulted on aspects that needed updating.
Today it came to the attention of Police National Headquarters that an early version had been placed on Police’s internet site. Members of the firearms community have correctly noted errors in this document.
For your information the document has been taken off the website. It is our intention to complete our review of the Arms Code and this process will include consultation with FCAF members. The aim is for the update to be published in hard copy form and on the website by mid-July.
In the meantime I would be grateful if you could pass on the above information to your members who may have expressed concern.
My apologies for the confusion this publication on the website has caused.
Catherine Petrey
| Policy Group | New Zealand Police
As we have all seen this was not an accident but actually made it to print and issued to police stations and applicants around the country.
More lies from Police HQ. Paula Bennett – this is the kind of deceitful behavior that gun owners have faced for the last 18 months. The kind of behavior that will result in Police HQ being dragged into court, funded by frustrated gun owners. Don’t you think it is time for heads to roll?