“Hello my name is Nicole Mckee and I like guns” :)

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This is a great intro to Nicole’s video explaining who she is and her thoughts on the selection for the role as advisor to Paula Bennett. This is well worth a listen. Thank you COLFO​ for making this available.

FOUNZ Members, its time to get writing! Please email Nicole and Geoff at firearms.advisors@gmail.com and tell them how the select committee report recommendations would affect you personally and our sport as a whole.

This is even more important than the submissions process as we now have a direct line to the Minister through the advisors. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US needs to do this!

Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett's independent firearms advisor Nicole McKee has released this short introduction video of herself to the firearms community. You can contact her with your views on the Select Committee's recommendations by email at firearms.advisors@gmail.com

Posted by COLFO on Monday, 1 May 2017