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Monthly Archives: May 2017

The tide IS turning!

IS THE TIDE TURNING?Over the past year firearm owners have felt as though their sport or hobby was under serious… Posted by COLFO on Saturday, 27 May 2017

Acheiving the impossible???

Let’s have a quick recap. One month ago the Law & Order Select Committee report was published. The report was written by a team of politicians from National, Labour, Green and NZ First. Although NZ First objected to the findings, the report enjoyed the support

Justification: The precursor to confiscation?

All this talk of “justification” had us wondering what would happen if an Arms Officer/inspector decided that our justification for owning an A Cat firearm was not good enough. Well it seems that our fears may be have been realised. A member reported that he

The FOUNZ team would like to congratulate YOU!.

Over the last few days you have all had a big win. You caught police hq attempting to mislead the public and you managed to persuade a Minister to do something about it. In the last 3 days FOUNZ had an organic, unpaid, post reach

How fast can Police backpedal? Not fast enough apparently.

Since it was revealed that Police are trying to implement Ultra Vires policy via the “new” Arms Code, they have withdrawn it and issued the letter below to members of the Firearm Community Advisory Forum and a public media release. In this letter they claim