Yesterday firearm owners met with Stuart Nash to express their concerns. Stuart has uploaded a “sanitised” version to his facebook page

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We thought you might like the the “hard questions” version instead.
A timeline is listed below so that you can jump to the juicy bits.
00:00 Im not here to defend that report
00:08 Registration – whats the point of doing it?
00:20 Does registration stop crime?
00:39 The wet bus ticket effect
00:58 Police are not the law makers
01:21 What we need is enforcement of the laws
01:39 Police have no idea how firearms are getting into the country
02:34 How do you feel about warrantless searches?
02:58 Should we treat gun crimes seriously?
03:38 Whats the point of harsher laws?
03:52 So you agree with NZ First minority report?
04:31 The answer to how criminals are getting guns
05:08 Will you recommend the re-classification of semi-autos be dropped?
06:27 Your position on registration please
06:54 Why was the police submission secret? Um um um um…
07:39 Well you banned half of us from facebook
08:29 Registration of ammo – I got that wrong
08:42 How can I piss off 250,000 gun owners?
10:09 Did the police hijack the process?
10:48 Do you still have faith in the integrity of Mr Cahill?
12:23 As a police officer how is he allowed to lie like that?
13:06 This isn’t about the integrity of Chris Cahill
13:33 I did ask this earlier and you kind of avoided the question