The team at FOUNZ would like to wish Peter Maxwell, the editor at New Zealand Guns & Hunting, all the best for the future

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Peter and his magazine have always supported gun rights and politics through his editorials and COLFO, Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand newsletters. We have featured his editorials here at FOUNZ. The industry looks forward to continued political support from the new editor Nik Maxwell and his team.

An open letter to NZ Guns & Hunting’s valued advertisers –

Changing times –

As outlined in our current issue (#160, May/June 2017) I have decided that now is the right time for Nik to take over as editor of the magazine. Nik has contributed his time and effort for the past 13 years, and has become a first class hunter, writer and photographer. He also has excellent IT and design skills that are reflected in the professional presentation of NZG&H.

I was 49 years of age when the first edition was in its planning stages back in 1989 – the first issue hit the shelves in 1990 – so if you run the numbers you can see that retirement age is not far down the track for me!

It’s been a great 27 years. Editing a hunting and shooting magazine has allowed me to enjoy an outdoors lifestyle that many people would envy. That will continue, but with a bit less physical input – I will still have a role in the publication in future, keeping in touch with advertisers, editing articles and liaising with authors. I have enjoyed these things along with the hunting, so I’m in no hurry to phase them out.

My wife, Lesley, who has handled the accounts, advertising and office administration for the past 17 years, intends to continue until mid-2018, at which point Nik’s wife Amanda will take over. Amanda has accountancy and business admin skills, and I know she is looking forward to taking on the job a year from now, when her young family requires less hands-on time.

I am certain that Nik and Amanda, backed by a new generation of hunters, shooters and writers, will do a very good job with NZ Guns & Hunting Magazine. It’s future is in excellent hands.

Best regards,
Peter Maxwell