Thank you Chris Cahill for your own goal this morning.

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That display of lies only helps galvanise the licenced firearm owner community. In response, this media release was issued by Richard Prosser MP – New Zealand First List MP​ Spokesperson for Outdoor Recreation


Police Association president Chris Cahill should stick to police union-related matters, and not interfere in the choice of legal firearms law-abiding licence holders use in the safe enjoyment of their sport, says New Zealand First Outdoor Recreation Spokesperson Richard Prosser

“Mr Cahill was on Radio NZ this morning repeating his questioning of the ‘need’ for-semi automatic hunting rifles and shotguns by hunters and duck shooters.

“He claims firearms which resemble military weapons and other semi-automatics pose a danger to the public.

The fact is police were unable to provide the recent Law and Order Select Committee inquiry into illegal possession of firearms with any figures to back up this claim – and that’s because they don’t pose any such danger.

“Sawn-off shotguns and cut-down .22s are the weapons of choice for criminals, not MSSAs that don’t even appear in the crime stats.

“Mr Cahill’s desire to further restrict and penalise law-abiding hunters and shooters will have no effect whatsoever on the criminals who are the problem.

“Frankly it’s none of his business what type of legal firearm people choose to use; he needs to focus on catching criminals and keep his nose out of law-abiding people’s business,” says Mr Prosser.


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