Chris Cahill has been caught out lying to the media again – this time its Radio NZ’s rural program.

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Chris Cahill states – ” We need to examine why semi-automatics are needed in a hunting environment ”

Remember – he’s talking about duck hunters and small game shooters shotguns and Ruger 1022’s.

He then goes on to state – and this is when the lying starts:

” bear in mind it’s very easy to turn these weapons into full automatics and get them into the hands of criminals ”

and continues with this little gem:

” I’ve sat around a fire talking to hunters and duck shooters and they don’t use semi-automatic weapons because they don’t need to. ”

Please tag a mate with a semi auto shotgun or 22 rimfire who may not be aware of what this police mouthpiece intends for hunters.

Click on the link below to hear the full interview.