This is my son 3 years ago at the age of 10. The good old days.

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And then NZ firearm owners incrementally lost more rights. A draft amendment became law. Pistol grips on semi autos became evil. Police were afforded the power to make law at will via an Order in Council. And as we have seen its been downhill for licenced firearm owners ever since.

This year a new draft amendment is being conjured up. What new powers will police receive to incriminate gun owners? What will licenced firearm owners lose this time round?

Luckily it is election year. We also have the promise from Judith Collins​ that licenced firearm owners will not be affected in anyway by the new amendment. We also have a huge growing dissatisfied group of gun owners – remember there is 250,000 of us that can vote. We also have politicians from New Zealand First​ like Richard Prosser MP – New Zealand First List MP​ and Ron Mark – NZ First MP​ that are willing to stand up and fight for gun owners rights.

So this year – VOTE. Get rid of those who have ignored us!

And for those of you concerned for my sons well being after shooting such an evil gun – hes grown into a fine young man.