Last weeks petition was a useful exercise in establishing how well the NZ firearms community can come together and stand up as one. We all failed miserably.

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However it has been a useful experiment. At 2500 signatures on the petition you helped obtain around 1% of licenced firearm owners (and their supporters) participation. All through social media. What this shows is that social media alone isn’t going to garner enough support to make a difference.

We need all methods of media communication on-board. We need magazine editors placing full page advertisements. We need media influencers in firearm and hunting blogs provoking discussion. But most of all we need the dealers who make a living from the continuance of gun ownership to start becoming political. Gun dealers own the very bricks and mortar that gun owners visit, they own the extensive customer databases for their mail outs. Its time for everyone to step up with the next petition – otherwise they will be conspicuous by their absence.

We would like to thank everyone who did participate and especially everyone who pushed this into your media. Special thanks to John and his friends, SSANZ, COLFO, Clubs and the couple of dealers that joined the fight.