Anti gun laws are being signalled

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We came across this concerning media release by The Outdoors Party. While we don’t yet back any political party, we do think that the more pro-gun politicians in the public arena the better. IT IS FREE TO JOIN OR YOU CAN DONATE TOO. This adds another voice to our campaign.


Every whisper coming out of the Law & Order select committee inquiry into firearms is indicating new restrictive firearms control measures will be recommended this year.
Even worse is the announced standing of Greg O’connor by labor/ Greens in Ohario. Not only will he win it but I suspect Peter Dunne will stand down not wanting to fight that Labor/Green block.

Why should we be worried, because Greg O’connor is well anti gun and wanting heavy restrictions on legitimate firearms users. As police Assn President he made many inflammatory comments about legitimate firearms users while defending lapses in police action around events such as the Aramona tragedy.

Firearms users need to get in and support the new NZ Outdoors party NOW so it will be in a position to counter politically any moves by the select committee or Labor/Greens to bring in stringent anti firearms legislation. It will be no good rushing to join later in the year when these issues are suddenly in the headlines. Go to and sign up NOW so the party can get registered making it even more effective.
“Police Association president Greg O’Connor also believed a mass shooting was “inevitable”, telling MPs police had noticed a massive increase in the number of firearms among “those who simply should not have them”.
The anti gun lobby are working hard to effect change as they see it, so all firearms users need to act now to ward off the pending storm. Join us now.