Who is FOUNZ?

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This is quite a complex question.

We are a group of guys who absolutely love our sport and are dedicated to stopping the erosion of what we have.

FOUNZ is deliberately diverse. We argue. We debate. We all have different views. We all participate in different aspects of our sport. In fact what you see here on this Facebook page would make up about 1% of the conversations, debates, arguments and thoughts we have on how we can get firearm owners all on the same page. That is our only goal. Full stop.

We often get asked who we are. Some of us are public about our identity, some of us wish to remain anonymous. There are 6 of editors in total – all of us with equal standing in this group.

The attached photo is my son with his first deer on his 13th birthday shot at over 170 yards. He stalked this deer for 30 mins and patiently waited for the perfect shot. He has been hunting with me since the age of 2. I have spent hours drilling him with safety and firearm responsibility. We love our sport and our time together as a father and son. My son wants what we have to last for ever.

The only thing we want is for gun owners to stand up and say we don’t want change, we want to be respected as NZ’s most law abiding community instead of the criminals that Police are painting us as.

Please share our page to your firearm owning friends. Please participate in conversation with us and tell us what you think.

Please let us help you with any firearm issues you may have. 2017 will be the most important year for firearm owners ever. The outcome is going to affect your future and every generation to come.