FOUNZ congratulate Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett​ on her appointment as Minister of Police and wish her success in her new role.

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Now is a good time to welcome the Minister into the role and remind her that the 250,000 licensed firearm owners of NZ will be paying very close attention to her handling of firearm issues leading up to the election.

It would also be prudent to ask the Minister what she intends to do about the increasing dissatisfaction amongst the shooting community with the Police’s conduct regarding firearms matters. We would like her to remind Police that it is their job to enforce the laws, not make or reinterpret them.

We ask all our followers to write a message to the Minister to ask for her support in safeguarding our sport for future generations.

You can do it at the linked page. It will take 5 minutes of your time. 5 minutes to help protect our sport. It’s not too much to ask!