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Monthly Archives: December 2016

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Alan Simmons​ NZ Outdoors Party​ passed on this message to us.

Any other political parties that may want to talk to our audience please get in touch. —————————————————————————- I hate harping on about something BUT the NZ Outdoors Party is pushing to get its 500 signed members so that it can register shortly. That way it

Who is FOUNZ?

This is quite a complex question. We are a group of guys who absolutely love our sport and are dedicated to stopping the erosion of what we have. FOUNZ is deliberately diverse. We argue. We debate. We all have different views. We all participate in

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Repost of Thursdays announcement

This is an alarming report about current NZ police activities and their future intent for our sport. Please read and share.   Police and Government Policy 2017 I have been on the firearms advisory forum for the past two years and the information in this