If the last editorial that we posted left you in any doubt, the below makes it crystal clear what Chris Cahill’s end game is.

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From Stuff:

His association will push, as it did under O’Connor, for a clampdown on gun ownership and control.

“The importation of firearms, especially military assault-style weapons, needs to be restricted,” said Cahill, “and we need to go back to registering all firearms. Because at the moment, we can knock on the door and have no idea that the guy in there has hundreds of firearms.”

FOUNZ Comment:

There you have it folks. Cahill will push for a “clampdown on gun ownership”. No ifs, no buts. Not even attempting to disguise it.

As for his registration comment, guess what Chris? If those “hundreds of guns” are illegal you still won’t know because CRIMINALS DON’T REGISTER THEIR GUNS!

And so what if somebody owns a hundred guns? It doesn’t matter whether they own three guns, ten guns, a hundred guns or 8 million guns. They’ve only got two hands and if they are a fit and proper person you should have no reason to be concerned anyway, unless of course you’re in the business of issuing licenses to criminals that is.

Unfortunately all that Cahill’s disingenuous rhetoric is doing right now is driving a wedge between licensed firearm owners and the Police. This is disappointing because it was our understanding that we were all on the same side…