Here is what the Police said about HDPA’s stunt when they applied for the search warrants:

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“It can be clearly demonstrated by their actions however that the criminal offence of Obtains By Deception (Under $500) has still been committed in order to complete this purchase. I believe that this precedes any public interest claimed by the Story programme.

A further aggravating feature is that it appears that the organisers behind this TV article have used personal details belonging to ‘real’ persons without their consent or authority.”

So why, after a thorough and robust investigation, was the case dropped after being reviewed by senior officers?

One of the aims of such a high profile investigation is to “identify and mitigate any potential risk to NZ police.”

Noting that their own union president, Greg O’Connor, was most likely the instigator of the whole story, would that have been a “potential risk to NZ Police”?

Note also that as we all suspected from the beginning, criminals simply do not use the mail order system to buy guns. Despite O’Connor and his media buddies’ insistence that they exposed a massive “loophole”, the only time it has been done was when he and his useful idiots at Mediaworks did it.