If you’ve been following our posts over the last few weeks you would have caught on to the song that the Police Association president, Mr O’Connor has been singing.

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It’s been quite clear he is pro gun control, he seems to believe that gun control is the answer to our declining gun crime.

In 2010 when the NZ Herald wrote an article about A peer-reviewed Journal of Interpersonal Violence, it was found New Zealand had “the most pronounced decline in firearm homicide over the past two decades”.

Mr. O’Connor was asked for comment in regards to the findings.
His comments were a different tune than the song he sings now.

Now this is where your mind will be blown.

This is what he said:

“Police Association president Greg O’Connor, who advocates arming police officers, said the decline in firearm homicides showed New Zealand had well-balanced gun licensing.
“Particularly in New Zealand, you can go hunting and do your bit for ecology, because you’re mostly hunting pests anyway,” Mr O’Connor said.

“I would be very disappointed if as a result of the actions of criminals in New Zealand, there was an encroachment against
lawful gun-owning people.” ”

Then he goes on to say that the attacks on police are not due to gun control or lack thereof, but because of organized crime and P.

We want to know, why the change of song Mr. O’Connor?