So following on from Thursday’s post about random-arse permit “conditions”, here’s another goodie.

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A mate bought a Sentry Safe a while back. He is B and E Endorsed. The safe is 3.5mm hardened steel and he has an engineer’s certificate to say that it is at least equivalent in strength to 6mm mild steel as per the requirements specified on the POL67N form (linked).

Despite having had the safe certified for at least a couple of years, an Arms Officer told him that the safe is no longer acceptable because the safe is less than 6mm steel. The engineers certificate was no longer accepted. This apparently was directed by Police National HQ.

Again, am I missing something here or is this yet another example of PNHQ making up new rules at our (considerable) expense?

Have any of you been affected by this or something similar?

– Ed. #2

Safe Storage Requirements For Endorsements POL67N

EDIT: Back up link included