More on E Cat safes!

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We were contacted today by a member who is applying for an E Cat. Apparently their AO informed them that there is a list of “E Cat” safes that are no longer being accepted for E Cat. This included the 7mm safe that the member had just installed.

We do not know the reason why the safes are no longer acceptable, nor have we seen the list, however the rules have not changed to our knowledge. There could be a good reason but if there is I think that it is only fair that the information is publicised so that we all know where we stand. Is that too much to ask? These things aren’t exactly cheap!

We have submitted a query to COLFO regarding this and some of the other oddities that you have been reporting to us. We will let you know what they find out.

THANK YOU to everybody for standing up for your fellow gun owners and reporting these things to us! Your messages allowed us to put together a consolidated list of potential issues that we could then query further.

Rest assured that if you PM us with an issue we will keep the information anonymous and will not publish without your permission.

– Ed. #2