Loaded firearms in Retail Stores

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Nicole McKee, Firearms Safety Consultant has asked this message to be made public…

A recent incident in retail shop occurred that I believe all retailers need to address. A firearms licenced owner walked into a gun shop with a round loaded up the spout of his semi-automatic and a loaded magazine. This is the 5th time this year that such an incident has occurred in this one retail shop.

I’ve heard quite a few stories that flow along that same type of incident, from all over the country.

As a result I have asked Police National Headquarters (PNHQ) to look at safety messaging around this issue as the concern is obvious, non-intentional discharge in a shop. Potential consequences are endless. PNHQ have asked me to gather evidence that this type of incident has occurred around the country.

I would be grateful if you would send this email out to retailers and ask them if they would reply to me directly with details of an incident/s where loaded firearms were brought into the store with the retailers not being aware of their loaded condition.

I will keep their shop details confidential. I plan to use the region and incident details only in my report to PNHQ.

I am hopeful that some funding for safety advertising aimed at the wider public will be generated, keeping our retailers and shop assistant’s safe.

Retailers may contact me direct with their stories nicole@fss.nz – thanks for your help.

Nga Mihi

Nicole McKee

Firearms Safety Consultant
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