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John Howat of the Petone Gun Shop said this in his submission:
“Membership of clubs and associations that promoted ‘traditional’ deliberate target shooting has been replaced by growth in organisations that promote competitions in which precision shooting is enhanced with movement, engaging multiple targets, and employing high rates of fire. This is not a reflection on committed and responsible users.”
He also believes that all semi autos that accept a detachable magazine should become E Category and has a problem with A Cat gun cabinets.
He also said this:
“New interpretations of rules and laws have allowed uncommitted individuals to possess firearms that are not suitable for their needs and are not regularly used. Firearms similar to those which under previous laws could only be held for collection purposes and ‘maintained at all times in a deactivated condition by the removal of a vital part’ [Not sure what the hell this means -Ed2] have become commonplace. In short, and unfortunately, in recent times, and for various reasons, ‘Tools have become Toys’ for a number of people.”
But wait a minute…what’s this???
– Ed. #2