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Monthly Archives: June 2016

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The worst type of gun crime imaginable

An absolute tragedy that is looking more and more like a domestic terrorism incident in the USA. It only takes one very unhinged person with easy access to guns to wreck havoc. Thankfully in NZ our laws restrict access to guns to those that are

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Sadly Facebook is attempting to control the media

We already put up with the media here in NZ controlling what the public perceive on firearms owners. We have recently had our advertising pulled by Facebook who state that we are in breach of their terms. At no point have we ever promoted the

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Police Minister Judith Collins on universal gun registration

“All that will do is add a huge amount of work to police…for very little outcome, because all the people who are legally in charge of firearms would go and register them, and all the criminals wouldn’t.” More political common sense! What’s happening?! The below