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Greg O’Connor wants .50 calibre firearms and ammunition to be classed as restricted weapons. We need to shut this down! Write to the Minister of Police and ask her to oppose this nonsense!

Note that in the submission Greg does not actually say why he wants 50cal banned. Note also that he also says “.50 calibre”, not 50BMG or any other specific calibre. He also makes a very disingenuous comparison to air guns.


Bullet diameter alone has not much to do with the the ballistic capabilities of a round. Bore diameter and bullet diameter are measured to 0.001″. How specific does he want to get? What magical properties does he think that a bullet possesses if it is half an inch wide?

There are a huge variety of .50cal rounds such as .50BMG, 500S&W, 50AE and 50 Beowulf, not to mention muzzle loader bullets. Is he going to ban them all too?

Then again perhaps he actually means 50BMG, which is what noobs like him mean when they say “.50cal”. This would be utterly pointless. Despite what the antis learned from movies and CoD, the 50BMG is hardly unique in its capabilities. There are other rounds that are not .50cal that offer similar or better ballistics. Will they be next to get banned?

The ability to purchase milsurp 50BMG AP ammo is a red herring as it does not present a special threat to Police safety. There are many non AP rounds including 50BMG FMJ that can defeat body armour. Even the LAV3’s standard armour fit is only rated to 7.62mm and last I checked the LAV wasn’t bought to defend against NZ’s law-abiding gun owners.

50BMG is an expensive calibre that requires an expensive, heavy rifle to use. It is used quite legitimately here in NZ by for precision long range target shooting and long range hunting. It has never, to my knowledge, been used by a criminal in NZ. There are alternative calibres that offer the same capabilities so banning it would have little effect.


– “50cal” covers a wide range of calibres from pistol to machine gun rounds.
– The 50BMG has no unique capabilities that would make banning it logical.
– 50BMG guns are used legitimately in NZ.
– Write to the minister

– Ed.#2