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NZ Herald shockingly discovers that there is a shop in NZ that sells firearms to license holders in exchange for money! And not just any firearms, but ones that are “similar in appearance” to one that a terrorist did terrorist stuff with!

Apparently a semiauto .223 sporting rifle is now called an “A Category assault rifle”. Sounds…evil…

Why do they never get fired up when a shop has a sale on Ruger Mini 14s or SKSs, Benelli M2s or any of the other commonly used semi auto sporting firearms in this country?

Thanks again to David Tipple for cooling the media’s attempts to generate controversy. They must be saving you a fortune in advertising.

Thanks also to Nicholas Taylor for being the voice of reason as always.

And still the crusade of the uninformed against the law abiding continues…

– Ed. #2

Side note:
It does concern me slightly that the Herald are trying to get information out of Police on AR owners and E Endorsement holders. Nothing too out there at this stage but we know how much the Herald love to manufacture a story when desperate.

In December 2012 a daily rag in New York published the names and addresses of 33614 gun owners along with a map of their homes. The article was titled “The Gun Owner Next Door: What You Don’t Know About the Weapons in Your Neighborhood”.

Would we put it past the Herald to do something similar?