Today we invite New Zealand First​ to participate in discussions on their firearms policy.

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NZ First would appear to have the most gun friendly policy of all parties for NZ gun owners.

Ron Mark – NZ First MP​ and Richard Prosser MP – New Zealand First List MP​ feel free to jump in and join the discussion.


New Zealand First’s firearms policy is based on two important and complementary fundamental principles; firstly, that the public have a right to be protected from those with the potential to misuse firearms.

Secondly, that law-abiding firearms licence holders have the right to use firearms safely and responsibly for hunting, target shooting, recreation, pest control and other lawful purposes.

New Zealand First will:

Restore the Lifetime Licence, with an amnesty for lifetime licence holders who did not renew when the licence was changed to a 10 year licence.
Scrap the MSSA classification, but retain the ‘E’ category licence for those permitted to use large capacity magazines. Establish a separate Firearms Authority independent of the Police, to oversee the implementation and enforcement of firearms-related law.
Restrict the ownership of powerful and realistic replica airguns to FAL holders regardless of age.
Increase minimum strength standards for ‘A’ category gun safes including a requirement for steel construction.
Restore the use of lead shot for waterfowl hunting in all gauges.
Provide police with the necessary resources and powers to scrutinize and vet the suitability of individuals to own firearms (including the right to access medical records).
Review the results of Firearm Law Reforms implemented in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.
Increase penalties (including minimum sentences) for firearm offences including improper possession and improper storage.
Resource increased random inspections of licensees premises to check the security of firearms.