Today we give the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand​ the opportunity to expand on their Justice Policy.

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David Clendon​ is the Green Party spokesperson for Criminal Justice. David Clendon​ we welcome you to the discussion.

From the Green Party Justice Policy


13. Gun Control
In order to reduce risks associated with guns and their use in crime, the Green Party will:

Make private ownership of fully functional semi-automatic weapons illegal.

Investigate the benefits and costs of a low fee, centralised gun registration system and database.

Reduce the licensing period from ten years to five, in line with practices in the UK, Australia, and Canada.

Review the vetting procedures in the firearms acquisition certificate, to ensure that they are in line with best practice.


So no more Ruger 10-22’s, Duck hunters relegated to the double, Pistol shooters gone (apart from the cowboys) and black guns?

Other Green Party members that may wish to contribute are: Gareth Hughes​, Metiria Turei​, James Shaw​.

Everyone – If a green party member does join the discussion please be civil.

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