One thing that I love about NZ firearms law is that we do not restrict suppressors.

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Suppressors are to Americans what MSSAs are to us. There is a push in the US at the moment to de-regulate cans. To me that seems like a sensible move but there are very mixed reactions to it in the States. The comments are the usual sort of cut & paste lines:

– “Nobody needs a silencer”.
– “There is no need to own a suppressor unless you’re a criminal”.
– “Silencers are only used by assassins, poachers and the military”.
– “An active shooter with a suppressor could kill more children/kittens/dolphins in a short space of time because nobody would hear the shots.”

Meanwhile over here in NZ we raise an eyebrow, scratch our heads and wonder what sort of weirdos could have a problem with something that protects our hearing, keeps our neighbors happy and isn’t anywhere near as “silent and deadly” as Hollywood would have us believe. It’s interesting to observe from the other side of the glass for a change.

So what’s my point? Wherever we look in the firearms world there will be things that are seen as normal and things that are feared by those who refuse to understand them. Which things fall into which category is purely a matter of location and perspective. Marie Curie said it best: “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less”.


– NZ Gun Like Editor #2