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Monthly Archives: March 2016

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What age did you first go hunting?

What age did you first take your kids hunting? I first took my son rabbit hunting at the age of 2. He insisted on bringing carrots to feed the rabbits 🙂 Here he is a year or two later with the only rabbit we saw

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Hi again everybody,

Where did that long weekend go?! Whether you punched some paper, dropped a deer or blasted some bunnies I hope you all got some lead in the air in a safe and satisfying manner. Let us know what firearm-related stuff you got up to in

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Some more food for thought:

I was sitting at work discussing ARs with a friend when another colleague (a Brit) made a comment to the effect of “how come you’re allowed to own something that can kill lots of people?”   My answer to him was simple. “Because unlike you,

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COLFO asked the question

Will all AR 15 require an E endorsed licence? . In reply to an Official Information Act request COLFO has received the reply below from NZ Police: Posted by COLFO on Monday, 21 March 2016

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Its ok to poach… if you are a police officer?

From the ODT article: “…Six weeks later, when he had still heard nothing from police, farmer one phoned the senior Central Otago officer he had dealt with, who said the off-duty officer would not be charged with unlawful hunting because no shots were fired and